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Paradise Heights

Adventure Game (1996)
Download Paradise Heights
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Warning: This is an adult game, if you feel you shouldn't download this, don't! If you're uncertain, don't either.

This is a very good adventure game in which you get a job as a housekeeper from your uncle. But in fact, this flat is filled with beautiful women and you will try to have some of the greatest experiences ever with a few of them. The graphics are Hentai and very good.
You're not entirely free, because there is only the building to . But that doesn't make any difference to the fun you can have with this one. It's really a good adult adventure. It can in no way get to games like True Love, but the sex is good and the story's not bad either. It has a rather good ending and it's not boring at all, it's not only the quest for sex, you also want to know what's to come. That's good.
Reviewer: Abandon5000
This is a pretty decent game. It has a reasonably interesting story line, lots of sex scenes. You star as the nephew of the owner of an apartment complex (think Jack Lemmon in Under the Yum Yum Tree). Your uncle has asked you to house-sit the apartments. Low and behold the complex is inhabited by a bunch of sexy women in need of help, and help of a very personable nature at that. You've got your basic nurse, your school girl, the whore, the athlete, and your young innocent cousin. Of course, just like in the movies, nobody ever seems to go to work, least of all you.
The only problem that I encountered is if you have to go back and redo anything there is no way to skip through the pages and pages of dialogue- and once or twice the program got buggy and just quit on me. The music was also pretty obnoxious- but that is easily remedied by turning it off.
The graphics could have been better- there are four or five standard backgrounds against which the different girls appear, but still, it served its purpose. This is not about high brow introspective learning and art appreciation after all.
So basically this is not as good as 3 sisters story, but I think it's better than Paradise Heights 2. It's standard and basic, but it is still plenty of fun. It's easy to figure out what to do- you won't get stuck trying to find what you're supposed to do next. It pretty much leads you by the hand along the plot. So again, if you’re looking for something to expand you mind, you wouldn't be looking in the mature category anyway.
The plot is pretty much standard- except for sleeping with your cousin. It is a little annoying that you can not pick which girl you want or deviate at all from the given plot line, but then this game doesn't really last long enough to let it bother you too much. All in all this game is worth downloading for free, but I wouldn't pay real money for it, nor would I ever play it again. There is nothing left to discover in the plot.
Reviewer: Abandon5000
One of the best h-games on the market, not only does it have a cohesive story line, but it doesn't just toss you the h-material like you're some dog begging for a bone (no pun intended).
The story line is that you are pretty much a normal guy who for some reason or another has been chosen to manage a group of apartments called "paradise heights", hence the name of the game... Anyway I know you couldn't have seen it coming but guess what... a vast majority of the people renting these apartments are girls... not only girls but hot girls, and not only hot girls but hot young girls... and not only hot young girls but hot young horny anime girls who for no apparent reason have a complete lack of morals and standards when it comes to sexual activity.
It's a pretty good game, not quite as good as "season of the sakura", "runaway city", or even "true love" but entertaining and hot... pretty much on par with "three sisters story".
I highly recommend playing this game to any h-game fan, as it will broaden your perspective and give you more to think about. The plot development is hokey at times, but it's an h-game what do you expect. Characters actually have a little depth, and don't just wanna get it on all the time, not as much depth as runaway city or true love. The use of character development in the story gives an added eroticism to the point when you finally get to bed them (if you happen to be that lucky). While not in any manner hard, the game still provides a fair amount of interest to the ambitious gamer, while giving you enough background on characters to keep you wanting more.
Let’s just suffice it to say that any real fan of the h-game genre should by all means have played both paradise heights one and paradise heights two. And not only do I recommend plating it, but I also recommend playing it multiple times so that you unlock all the possible endings. If you haven't already, download both of them and check ‘em out.
Reviewer: Abandon5000
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