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Crazy Cars 3

Racing Game ()
Download Crazy Cars 3
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Well, this is just one of my favourites when it comes to driving games! The game is a bit like the game Death Rally, but it's less dark and agressive. There are some races in which you can compete against 19 other drivers. It's on a normal road, so there are also cars not joining in the race who will obviously drive 3 times slower. You will gain enormous speeds like 272 Km/h in the beginning of the game and after upgrading your car a few times speeds like 320 Km/h and even faster.
Before the race you will meet your direct rivals, if there are some. Mostly there are 3 or 2 of them. You can bet some money on winning the race. Upgrading your car costs money, but beware that you keep enough money for your races, because it costs money to enter them.

The graphics aren't very impressive, the sounds are not what you would expect of a game, the gameplay is not perfect, but the game itself is cool.
Reviewer: Abandon5000
Crazy Cars 3 is a fun racing game to pick up and play. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. You start the game with a red Lamborghini and $6000. Your objective is to emerge as the finest racer in the United States. There are four divisions to compete in and sixty tracks to race on. Each race has an entrance fee. Your winnings from each race can be increased by betting on the results with the other competitors. If you win the other drivers pay you the money they bet or the money you bet, whichever is lower. If a local manages win, you get your money back. Moving up a division is done by taking a Divisional Challenge. Before taking the challenge, you must purchase a set of three passes. One pass equals one attempt on the track. The Divisional Challenge track is rather difficult because of the high amount of other drivers on the road and the time limit to complete it in.
As you race your vehicle may be damaged. It can be repaired between races if you have enough money. Power-ups can also be purchased to boost your car’s performance. During some races police are on patrol. If you are caught speeding at over 110 Km/h they will attempt to ram you off the road. You can pull over, pay a fine, and lose some points. If you are stopped later on though, the fine will be greater.
The graphics in this game are quite good. The colors are vivid and match the locales perfectly. Every object in the game is recognizable. Sadly though, the scenery is too minimal and the other cars on the track look too similar. The sound is one of Crazy Cars 3’s low points, partly because there is not enough of it. The music in the game fits the atmosphere of the title well, but it quickly gets repetitive. The sound effects are okay. Cars sound reasonably like they should, but there’s not much else. They’re a little hard on the ears, but they get the job done. More variety in graphics and sound would have been nice. Computers were capable of much more.
All in all, Crazy Cars 3 is decent game with nothing new to offer the genre. It’s a great way to kill 20 or 30 minutes, but the game gets tiresome after awhile. While it was great to play in its day, Crazy Cars 3 just doesn’t seem to hold up well today.
Reviewer: Abandon5000
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