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Racing Game (1992)
Download Skyroads
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This is the first "space racing" games I've ever played, but absolutely not the only one. Still, you can see that there has been alot of thinking involved in making this game.

Your car can "drive" and jump around and the track you're on influences the way you're driving, it can refuel you, it can make you go faster, it can make you go slower, it can make you explode and more things like that.
You will have to watch out, so that you don't fall off the track.

The galaxy you're in also influences the way you're driving, some have less gravity and you will be able to jump higher. Some have more gravity and so on...

It's a nice game to play and it is really worth replaying a couple of times, so go on! Grab this one!
Reviewer: Abandon5000
In my opinion Skyroads is one of the greatest DOS games out there. My parents bought it for like two bucks back when me and my sisters were still kids and even now when family comes over we still play the game, it is really addictive. Though my sister says that it makes her feel ancient that the game was made in a DOS program and that she played it when she was so young. We have even needed to put a limit on the number of retries allowed because we get so caught up in the game and we always go just one more try, just one more try.
I remember the first time I played Skyroads I was 5 or 6 and I could barely finish the first two stages, I envied my sisters skill at the game and would just watch her play endlessly because well she wouldn’t let me try. However now that I’ve practiced a little I’m well on my way to catching up to her, and though I hate to admit it she is still way better than me.
The game itself has like 12 levels with three stages in each. You control a small ship, which you can accelerate, and move side to side and jump. You have to maneuver a set of obstacles to go through the finishing tube. Some levels you run out of oxygen or fuel and you need to refuel, but finding the blue refueling squares can really be a challenge. There are bright green squares that will speed you up, Dark green squares that will slow you down, gray squares that will make you slide in the direction in which you hit them, like sliding on oil and the dreaded red squares that will blow you to smithereens.
The game seems easy enough but once actually started you will discover that you’re not as good as you had previously thought. Until very recently my family only had the sample, but after unearthing our old games 2 years ago, we went on the hunt for the full game, and now when me and my sisters come home from work we get together to have some Skyroads time. I have recently been told that there is a Christmas special of Skyroads out there somewhere though as of yet I have been unable to find it. So, good luck on you Skyroads journey and don’t lose too much sleep because of it.
Reviewer: Abandon5000
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